“Went to Dr. Draper after first going to the illustrious emergency room when I slipped on ice and totally fubar’d my foot. ER x-rayed my foot; said nothing wrong but slight sprain then sent me home (after sitting in a wheelchair for over 4 hours-no elevation or ice given for foot). 10 days later, foot had bruises that went from the top thru to the bottom & crazy swelling. Dr. Draper said ER x-rayed wrong part of my foot, he did new ones and dx’d me w/ 2 broken bones, neuroma & severe sprain. Was extremely caring, patient and knowledgeable about more than just feet. Very rare to meet a dr. these days with such a high level of competency, *especially* in Elko. Also there was an issue getting the insurance to pay timely, however his staff was diligent in helping me get the claim paid and set me at ease with their skill and expertise with the ins and outs of insurance, particularly TriCare Prime Remote – most Dr. offices in Elko have no clue how to deal with military insurance.”